Salpas Consulting is a small business led by Dr. Peter Salpas. Salpas Consulting provides environmental expertise, strategic planning and Data Quality Objective (DQO) development to federal clients.  Dr. Salpas possesses expertise in the principles of:

  • geology
  • chemical equilibria
  • natural attenuation
  • element partitioning
  • inorganic element and radionuclide contaminant transport in the geological environment
  • nuclear methods in geochemistry


  • Twenty-one (21) years professional experience as a geochemist.
  • Fifteen years (15) experience with federal regulatory requirements (including RCRA, CERCLA, NEPA, TSCA, CAA, CWA, and NHPA)
  • Ten (10) years experience as an environmental project manager.
  • Seven (7) years on the faculty at Auburn University.